Block Heater 2 FR

Block Heater Session

12 février 2017 Calgary , AB (CAN)


Time : 13h00
Venue : Ironwood Stage & Grill
Address : 1229 9th Avenue S.E.
State : AB
Zip : T2G0S9
Contact Website : http://www.calgaryfolkfest.com/block-heater/view/1451-melisande

An afternoon double collaborative session with Kris Ellestad, Mélisande [électrotrad], The Northwest Passage, S.A.V.K. and Kobo Town, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Sargeant & Comrade: A Block Heater Event at The Ironwood Stage & Grill
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Kris Ellestad
Sparse haunting arrangements, effortless hooks, organic vocals and frank lyrics take you on an adventure into the unknown. From his debut album in 2006 to No Man is Land and 2015’s Faebles, Ellestad and his restless artistic soul have daringly tackled intensely personal feelings and darkness to beautifully highlight their universality. From soaring, full band formats to sparse orchestration and hushed vocals, he creates a moodiness and brooding energy that capture subdued instrumentation. Delicacy is expressed in soft guitar and piano embellishments. Folk guitar loops in themes that deal with picking up the pieces. Ellestad exemplifies how modern orchestral folk can convey a solid lyric and carry emotional weight

Mélisande [électrotrad] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZD-WBobPP4&feature=youtu.be
From the south shore of Montréal, from the town of Beloeil in the Richelieu River Valley, come the intriguing sounds of Mélisande [électrotrad]. Though Beloeil (“beautiful view”) was not officially given status as a village until 1903, the town’s first parish was built in 1694. It is from these ancient roots that Mélisande [électrotrad] seems to have forged her infectious, wholly original electrotrad. Traditional acoustic instruments, foot percussion and rich, hypnotic harmonies weave a perfect French braid with electric instruments and sequenced noises. Award-winning, dance-inspiring, and all-around captivating: Mélisande [électrotrad] is waking up her ancestors to bring them to the rave.

The Northwest Passage
Like early explorers relentlessly penetrating Canada’s labyrinthian Arctic archipelago in search of a viable sea route, The Northwest Passage are on a similar journey, except the craggy outlines of love, life, death, spirituality and morality are charted in haunting lyrics and anthemic pop hooks. Paul van Kampen’s vocals and piano, Laura Jones’ backing vocals, Darren Young’s backing vocals and guitar, Laura Reid’s violin and Daniel Wilson’s drums create a musical voyage that Mike Bell (Calgary Herald) deservedly labeled “…epic, gently majestic, quietly stunning.” CV

When Calgary music audiences bid a final, sad farewell to native sons and masters of orchestral folk Beija Flor, hope sprung eternal that the talents of the van Kampen brothers would prove too insistent to lay low for long. That hope was answered in S.A.V.K., Stephen A. van Kampen’s eponymous (sort of), vibrant and impressive current incarnation. Formed of family members, old friends and Beija Flor alumni, S.A.V.K. is intimate and grandiose: the simple expression of the inner life of a complex man. S.A.V.K.’s albums are truly exquisite and thoughtful, a coming of age for van Kampen, his brother Paul, and their bandmates. S.A.V.K. shows that sometimes a tearful goodbye is just a prelude to a brighter tomorrow. LS/FF

Kobo Town
Trinidadian/Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves formed Kobo Town in 2004 with fellow expats in Toronto and musicians from his first band, named after the storied Port-of-Spain neighborhood in Trinidad and Tobago where calypso was born. His own take on that style is inspired and derived from the music of his homeland but is also a conscious departure to revive West Indies’ folkloric music by taking it in new creative directions. Kobo Town’s music is a contemporary expression combining joyful Afro-Caribbean beats and melodies with astute, socially conscious lyrics. The result is intelligent, relevant and undeniably fun, with elements of funk, ska, disco, rock-reggae and jazz adorning Kobo Town’s music with a matchless sparkle. Kobo Town’s new Where the Galleons Sank album release coincides with their appearance at Block Heater. CV/KC

Taj Weekes & Adowa
Let your vibes be high and your message mighty! This is what Taj Weekes wants for all of us: to raise each other up, to speak up for our brothers and sisters. The music of human rights advocate, humanitarian, UNICEF champion for children, reggae musician and poet Taj Weekes will fill your heart with hope while Adowa, a multicultural dynamo of a band, will move your hips with purpose and swagger. A marriage of music and message, where all are welcome. “Love is a human rights issue. I don’t care who you love, all that matters is that you love.”

Sargeant & Comrade
The demise of Calgary rap duo Lexington + Whatevski birthed this pairing of rapper-producer Evgeniy Bykovets (a.k.a. Whatevski) with singer Yolanda Sargeant under the moniker Sargeant & Comrade (Bykovets is Russian). On their 2014 debut Salvage the Soul, Bykovets branches out from his usual dark horrorcore production. Sargeant’s rich and textured vocals are the star attraction, bringing in old school jazz plus hip hop and reggae, along with her positive-but-fun message of empowerment. From witty songs « My Swag » and « Dear Afro » to work with heavy hitting guests Blackalicious frontman Gift of Gab and Ouda Ouda, they’ve created a sound that fuses jazz, soul and trip-hop into a something completely different. KC