ArtsMarket FR

ArtsMarket Showcase

7 novembre 2017 Durham, NC (USA)


Time : 20:00 Showcase D
Venue : Carolina Theatre
Address : 309 W Morgan St
State : NC
Zip : 27701
Contact Website : http://ncpresenters.org/ArtsMarket

ArtsMarket, co-produced on a biennial basis by NCPC and the NC Arts Council, is a regional performing arts showcase conference for presenters, arts educators, artists, managers, and agents from throughout the country. Originally hosted in Wilmington, NC, it relocated for a number of years to High Point, NC, and is currently hosted in Durham, NC by the historic Carolina Theatre and the Durham Convention Center. The 2011 and 2013 events each welcomed around 600 attendees during the three-day conferences, and featured up to 40 juried performance showcases and 150 agents, artists, and vendors in the exhibit hall.