EP Samedi Matin (2011)

Band : Mélisande & Alexandre
Label : Les Productions du Moulin
Format : CD

Release date : february 2012

The Québécois duo Mélisande & Alexandre offers a nice blend of traditional and original songs in French and English. Mélisande’s superb alto voice is joined by Alex’s to create rich vocal harmonies accompanied by creative guitar playing and subtle fretless bass playing. The duo also performs Québécois traditional tunes on fiddle, flute and mandolin to add diversity to their sound and repertoire. Their musical collaboration started in 2007 and their career highlights include an Australian tour in early 2012 as well as festivals and concerts throughout Canad, the US and in Mexico. Their complicity as musicians and as a married couple gives them a great stage presence that charms crowds everywhere they perform.

Mélisande : vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand : fretless basss, wooden flute, fiddle