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# 08 – Top 10 Album – CKRL QuÉbec – March 10-16, 2017
# 11 – Top 30 Album – CJAM 99.1 (Windsor/Detroit) – Feb 20-26, 2017
# 14 – Top 30 Album – CKUA Alberta – Feb 4-14, 2017
# 28 – Top 30 Album – CITR 101.9 Vancouver – Feb 21-28, 2017

– Critique du spectacle Foule Trad sur (30 décembre 2015)
« Mélisande […] possède une voix magnifique et une énergie contagieuse. »

– Article sur le Gala des Prix de Musique Canadienne dans le Calgary Herald (10 novembre 2015)
« Quebec’s Mélisande [électrotrad] melded traditional with modern, and almost ignited the stage with their set.»

– Kevin Dunwoody, Musical Director, New World Festival, VT
« Without a doubt, Mélisande [électrotrad] stole the show at the 23rd New World Festival last fall. Finding that perfectly balanced blend of tradition Quebecois music and contemporary electronica like they do is quite an accomplishment. Melisande’s powerful voice and engaging stage presence captivated our Main Stage audience and filled our dance floor. « Please have them back! » was the refrain I heard again and again as exhausted and smiling dancers went back to their seats. I will. 

– Grit Laskin, President, Canadian Folk Music Awards
« Mélisande [électrotrad] blends a deep understanding of traditional song with fascinating electronic sounds and beats and superb musicianship. Their performance was infectious, irresistible and completely won over the audience at the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards Gala show. » 

– Andy Hillhouse, Executive & Artistic Director, Harrison Festival Society, BC
I have seen Mélisande now at several showcases and consistently she has impressed me with the strength and professionalism of her performance. She approaches traditional song in a unique and fun way, with a powerful voice and a confidence in her interpretations. She is an engaging performer who knows how to hold an audience’s attention, expressing the meaning of the songs not only though her words but also through her movement and facial expressions. Finally, her band is top-notch and share with her a very professional standard and creative approach to trad music. » 

– Steve Johnson, Event Producer, NC, USA
« Mélisande [électrotrad] has taken two very different genres, electronic and traditional, and melded them into a unique form of music, electrotrad. Borrowing from the past and definitely aiming for the future they have a sound and stage presence that will make you want to get up and dance! They are not to be missed! »

– David De Santi, Artistic Director, Illawarra Folk Festival, Australia
With a faithful connection to the Quebecois music tradition, Melisande brings a softness and delicacy to her songs and can create a foot-stomping experience with her wonderful band. Audiences at the Illawarra Folk Festival loved it!« 



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– Critique dans Pop Matters (7 mai 2015)
« 8/10 [… ] The foursome offer a delight with Les Metamorphoses. Melisande is without doubt the star here: her confident and adaptable vocals coupled with her creative curation of Quebec folk-tunes ground this album as a creative, inspiring and delightful milestone in Francophone – and global – folk music. It’s an album with broad appeal: creative and intelligent content coupled with music that blends the best of old and new worlds. It’s a positively inspiring, toe-stomping exploration of Quebecois folk that’ll sound just as natural on the college dancefloor as the folk festival circuit. Melisande is the voice of today’s Quebec: a creative fusion of tradition and innovation that honors the past while re-interpreting it for the present. If this is the future of folk, we’re in good hands. »

– Critique dans le Huffington Post – Édition US  (13 mars 2015)
« …an unusually well-balanced blend. […] definitely achieved some hard-edged traditude! »

– Critique dans WRUV Review (4 mars 2015)
« awesome vocals, & tasteful electronic embellishments. A fresh take on a fine genre & a real treat! »

– Critique dans CD Hotlist (March 2015)
« Blending traditional Franco-Canadian songs and tunes with funky, chunky, and thumpy electronic drum programming and electric guitars makes for a delightful departure from the usual, and the fact that this group does so without ever losing sight of the essential beauty of the melodies makes everything that much better. Highly recommended to all collections. »

– Critique dans Le Devoir (24 déc 2014)
« Ce premier disque marque une nouvelle étape du trad québécois. […] Une vraie réussite ! »

– Critique dans Penguin Eggs (Winter 2014-2015)
« It’s fun. It’s really well done. […) This is a lovely record. »

– Critique dans Trad Magazine (Nov-déc 2014)
« Cet album mérite amplement la mention BRAVO !!! »

– Critique dans Le Devoir (9 mai 2014)
« Une proposition très rafraîchissante à découvrir »

– Critique sur (1er mai 2014)
« Un album qui gagne à être écouté autant pour la richesse de ses textes que pour sa musique et pour ne pas oublier notre héritage culturel. »

– Critique dans L’éveil (16 mai 2014)
« Voilà une belle manière de s’initier au folklore! »